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These one-on-one sessions are for executives and managers who have an upcoming high-profile presentation or simply want to improve their executive presence and delivery when speaking before a live audience or over video-conference. The format is usually 4 x 1-hour sessions and is customizable. 


When several people need to hone their presentation skills, a one-day group session is available. With a limit of 8 people per session, each participant is videotaped several times and then given feedback by both the instructor and peers. A side benefit of this class is the team building experience it provides.

The coaching experience is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual or group. Customizing can include:

  • Follow-up sessions for practice and reinforcement

  • Q&A and dealing with awkward questions

  • Putting together a compelling PowerPoint deck

  • Fundamentals of effective listening

  • Managing difficult conversations

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