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Contrary to what most people believe, the data and logic behind your message are just part of an effective presentation. People have to buy off on you first. This is especially true when your job is to influence and motivate your audience – be they clients, donors, volunteers, team members or the board. I've worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and non-profits helping them deliver their messages with confidence, authenticity and influence. 


There are two main elements to my approach:

  1. You learn a simple, flexible and powerful template for crafting all your presentations and messages

  2. You identify the behaviors and habits that undermine your delivery of the message

Using video and coach feedback, you will see yourself from the audience's perspective and then – through practice and guiding support – become a more credible, focused and effective presenter.

My clients come from many different sectors, including: 

  • Non-profits - helping increase fundraising, presenting advocacy issues to government ministries and motivating volunteers

  • Financial - working with analysts to prepare and present to shareholders

  • Engineering  - building internal collaboration and presenting at conferences

  • Healthcare - launching new devices and drugs

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